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CrowdPower State of the Market report

Crowdfunding continues to play a key role in supporting fundraising efforts by energy access companies. In this report CrowdPower delves into macroeconomic influences,  and future trends dominating the evolving debt crowdfunding market.

Grid Densification: Innovation Insight – CrossBoundary Mini-Grid Innovation Lab

This innovation insight published by CrossBoundary, delves into capex per connection cost outcome when proactively installing a distribution network through Grid Densification in a mini-grid community.

Key Cold Chain Infrastructure Markets – Nigeria & Kenya

These reports published by CLASP (Efficiency for Access) evaluate the cold chain technology markets in Kenya and Nigeria. Both reports identify current trends, barriers, and opportunities for market transformation, as well as strategies to accelerate the adoption of cold chain technologies for fresh food value chains at scale.

Crowdfunding Energy Access – State of the Market Report 2021-22

This report published by Crowd Power, part of the TEA platform, is the fourth state-of-the-market report examining the challenges faced by crowdfunding platforms in the energy access sector.

Mini-Grid Innovation Insight: Appliance Financing 3.0 – CrossBoundary Innovation Lab

This report published by CrossBoundary Energy – Appliance financing 3.0 – focuses on income generating equipment – electric pressure cookers, freezers/fridges and grain mills.

Driving growth and improved business performance

This report published by Shell Foundation, based on research conducted by Value for Women (V4W), demonstrates how gender equality in the workplace can deliver positive social and economic impacts on SMEs highlighting improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity and retention creating more profitable and sustainable business models.

Bridging the Gap – Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative (PEII) Report

This report offers critical insights on the key learnings from the PEII initiative and analyzes the progress made against the problems that PEII was intended to solve.

An analysis of mini-grid tariff tools in Africa – current solutions, gaps and future opportunities

Published by the African Forum for Utility Regulators AFUR.

How to attract investors to energy access crowdfunding

The latest report from Energy 4 Impact’s research programme Crowd Power, part of the TEA platform, explores how to attract investors to energy access crowdfunding.

Equity crowdfunding guide: How to execute a successful campaign

This report provides practical guidance to founders and entrepreneurs interested in launching an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Equity crowdfunding for energy access: Opportunities for scale-up

This report examines the role that alternative finance can offer in growing the energy access sector, with a particular focus on equity crowdfunding.

How are digital technologies impacting energy access markets?

This Energy Catalyst report introduces and discusses the major enabling digital technologies that are impacting the energy access sector, providing a selection of the most innovative applications of these technologies and the key digital trends in the sector.

Crowdfunding Energy Access – State of the Market Report 2020-21

A new flagship report from Crowd Power, part of the TEA platform, highlights how the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a 25% drop in energy access-related crowdfunding volumes.

Techno-economic Analysis of Battery Energy Storage for Reducing Fossil Fuel Use in Sub-Saharan Africa

The report, commissioned by the Faraday Institution and carried out by DNV and TFE Africa, explores the potential of battery energy storage solutions BESS to be viable and competitive in sub-Saharan Africa, as a way of offering alternative solutions for resilience and grid independence. If realised, this would enable the integration of more utility-scale renewables and bringing electricity and opportunity to the least developed corners of the continent. The accompanying techno-economic model into BESS, explores their potential to displace fossil-fuel powered generators and increase the uptake of cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy.

Bioenergy Mass Energy Balance tool

This is an excel based technical assessment tool that models the mass energy balance of seven different demand sectors to provide an assessment of feedstock requirements (type, quantity, energy output) to meet the potential energy requirements using the appropriate technology type (either combustion or AD).

Report on prospects for commercial biomass gasification in sub-Saharan Africa

This report provides a qualitative view of the challenges, opportunities and prospects for commercial biomass gasification in Africa based on lessons and experiences from projects in Africa and other developing and developed countries.

Database of bioenergy projects in sub-Saharan Africa

The database provides a detailed list of bioenergy projects identified across the 10 target BSEAA2 countries containing various technical information including feedstock, technology type, project location, size, owner, technology provider, operating status, funding sources and project description.

BSEEA2 – Database of technology providers and manufacturers

This database provides a curated list of prominent technology providers, manufacturers and project developers that have undertaken projects in BSEAA2 target countries.

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