Working to transform lives in Africa and Asia and uncover the pioneering innovators developing solutions to end energy poverty

At the heart of TEA are people. People in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia whose lives are transformed through access to clean energy, because access to energy is never just about energy. It is linked to health, education, well-being, productivity and economic opportunities. Over the last five years, UK aid support via TEA has improved the lives of 9.5 million people and created over 74,000 sustainable long-term jobs in the two regions.

TEA is also enabling women and local leaders to play a stronger role in the energy sector. By improving data on gender issues and developing skills through job placements, management training, and new university courses, TEA is helping to build a new and diverse generation of local entrepreneurs, engineers, project managers and sales agents that are capable of building on the ground solutions needed to provide energy access to all.

The stories profiled here exemplify how, through increasing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, TEA enables people in these two regions to actively participate in the global clean energy revolution, ensuring no-one is left behind.

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