TEA Learning Partnership (TEA-LP)

October 2022

Request for Proposals (RFP) now open until November 18th 2022.

The Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) invites higher education institutions across Africa and the Indo-Pacific region to apply for financial and technical support to implement three new Master’s level courses designed by the TEA-LP with support from TEA partners.

The courses available for implementation are:

  • Course #1: Local Solutions for Energy Access
  • Course #2: Mini-grids: Planning and Design
  • Course #3: Appliances for off-grid communities

Successful applications will be awarded a grant of up to £20,000 dependent on the number of courses being implemented at the higher education institution.

Call for proposals open: 12th October 2022

Call for proposals closed: 18th November 2022

About the partnership

The TEA-Learning Partnership is a component of the wider Transforming Energy Access programme and seeks to address the need for new and improved curricular development. The initiative aims to channel innovation and prepare graduates to achieve energy access targets in their respective countries and beyond.

To expand networks and respond to the urgent need to improve Southern visibility and recognition in the energy access space, TEA-LP is working with universities, students, and other relevant stakeholders to address pressing energy access challenges.

Aiming to equip Masters’ students with vital skills through capacity building, the TEA Learning Partnership will provide local graduates with high-level knowledge, skills, and competencies to make valuable contributions to the delivery of clean energy access in their respective countries.

Each course is created to cultivate and enable students to adopt a systems thinking approach and enhance their critical thinking, data analysis and entrepreneurial skills to stand them in good stead for successful careers within the energy access sector.

TEA-LP provides both technical and financial support enabling each course to be localised and launched in 20 successful universities across Africa and the Indo-Pacific region with guidance and inputs from TEA partners and local sector experts.

Apply here: Request for Proposals for the uptake of new courses – Transforming Energy Access (tea-lp.org)

For more information: Request for Proposals for the uptake of new courses – Transforming Energy Access (tea-lp.org)

Contact: Leslie Ashburner before 28 October with any questions