Call for proposals: Independent, mid-term review of the TEA programme

October 2019


The Research Programme Delivery Consortium (RPDC, made up of the Carbon Trust, the University of Cape Town, Energy 4 Impact and TERI) manages the Transforming Energy Access (TEA) programme on behalf of the Department for International Development (DFID).

Both DFID and the RPDC would like to gain external, independent advice – including clear options and recommendations on the TEA programme covering the following areas:

  • How well is TEA responding to the energy access challenge and the TEA theory of change?
  • How well are the different TEA implementers working together to achieve impact?
  • How well is TEA working with other DFID programmes in the energy access sector?
  • How is TEA perceived by external stakeholders and operating successfully in the energy access ecosystem?
  • How well is TEA communicating its activities externally both at the programme and individual implementer level?
  • Are there gaps in the TEA programme that could be filled with future funding? Are there overlaps with other work or areas TEA should stop doing or place less emphasis on?
  • What more should the RPDC be doing in order to deliver impact?
  • What more or different should the RPDC and implementers do to improve value for money including to operate more efficiently and effectively?
  • What should the RPDC do to maximise the chances of TEA delivering transformational change?

The review should focus on analysing the findings and make clear recommendations for the programme going forward. Submissions will be assessed on the basis of the experience demonstrated in the bid and the strength of the methodological approach put forward, as well as value for money.  Bidders for this tender must declare any potential conflict of interest in their tender documents.


We would expect a draft report to be ready in February 2020 and a final report in March 2020. The supplier should attend the TEA delivery review workshop (DRW) in March 2020 as a final input into their report, and able to present preliminary findings and recommendations at the event.


Proposals are due by 15 November 2019 at 5pm. Please email to with TEA review tender in the subject box.

Proposals should be no longer than 15 pages in length (excluding CVs and project references, which should appear in an Appendix).

The commercial proposal should be no more than £80,000 excluding VAT, but including expenses.

Value for money is very important for the TEA programme so tenders should set out the number of days and day rate for each member of staff working on the assignment. The TEA RPDC will take both the total price and the average day rate into account in awarding the commercial proposal score.

Tenderers should expect to travel within the UK to meet DFID, the TEA RPDC and implementers. Overseas implementers should be interviewed by telephone or Skype.

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