Bioenergy in Africa webinars

January 2021

The Bioenergy for Sustainable local energy services and Energy Access in Africa (BSEAA) programme, a constituent programme of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) Transforming Energy Access (TEA) programme invites you to two webinars.

1. “Prospects for commercial biomass gasification in Sub-Saharan Africa”
3rd February 2021, 11.00 – 12:00 (GMT)

2. “Prospects for bioenergy development in seven market sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa: Preliminary findings”
10th February 2021, 11.00 – 12.30 (GMT)

About the BSEAA programme 

BSEAA is a two-year research programme intended to identify and support the development of innovative, commercial bioenergy pathways and technologies that will accelerate the successful production and use of bioenergy in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), with a focus on ten countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The research aims to identify and investigate commercially viable opportunities for the development of modern bioenergy technologies for electricity and/or heat generation in the output range 10 kWe to 5 MWe, with a Technology Readiness Level of 5+. BSEAA targets bioenergy entrepreneurs (particularly technology and project developers), investors and policymakers, to catalyse action for bioenergy development in SSA. 

About these webinars

Prospects for commercial biomass gasification in Sub-Saharan Africa

Researchers led by LTS International set out to identify the optimal conditions under which biomass gasification can offer a competitive solution for heat and power generation, to analyse experiences with gasification in various regions of the world, and to draw conclusions on the commercial potential for gasification in SSA. This webinar will  share key findings and insights from this research to help practitioners, policy makers and investors to make informed decisions regarding biomass-based gasification in SSA.

Prospects for bioenergy development in seven market sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa: Preliminary findings

Following a comprehensive scoping of bioenergy projects across a variety of bioenergy value chains in the 10 target countries, the BSEAA2 team identified seven promising market sectors (referred to as demand sectors/DS) and countries for more in-depth investigation, as shown below. This ongoing investigation involves assessments of biomass resources, technological development, economic potential, applicable business models, legal and regulatory frameworks.

This webinar will share preliminary findings and insights from this research, which ends in March 2021, It is designed to provide practitioners, investors, researchers and other interested stakeholders with the latest information on the prospects for bioenergy uptake and development in these demand sectors.